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Angie Hockey Mom of 2 Boys, Oiler, Support System for her Active Military Boyfriend
Hey y’all, my name is Angie. I have two kiddos. I am also blessed to have an amazing, hunky, boyfriend who serves in the U.S. Military and is stationed in Northern Africa. In my free time you can find me baking a cake from scratch, playing knee hockey with my oldest, reading a good book, cooking, or fishing.
ChelseaHockey Goalie, IT Smarty, Dogie Oiler
Yes, yes, I’m a girl. I not only play hockey, but I’m a goalie. I’m also on the WHAM board you can call me “Ms. President” in fact. Let’s not stop there… I’m also an up an coming ice hockey official. And then there is my day job I work on computers! grew up in MN. Of course I have a lot of roles, but my most important role is being one proud momma to my puppy. Let’s just face it she needs me.
Kelli Wife, Mom, Oiler, Hockey Official, Blogger, Insurance Agent
Hey I’m Kelli and I hail Minn-E- SNOW-tA, Mrs. to the Hubby, proud Momma of 2 Little Men and 2 Cats, Blogger, Olympic Ice Hockey Official (in former life) and YES! we eat different than most of the population…
I am all about meeting and talking to new and random people. I LOVE to coach so if you want to earn yourself out of a full-time job or want help growing and training a team; I’m your oily girl!
Go BIG or go home on YOUR Oily ride with me!