Hey There! My name is Kelli and live in Minn-e-soooo-ta. I love God, my family and friends, traveling, hiking, cooking, hockey (no, not field, ice) and I LOVE my Essential Oils. My life is surrounded by family! My handsome Hubby, who is the smart one, my personal IT department (he designed and did the hard work on this site) and my polar opposite. Together we are raising our 2 little people. Little Man who is 3.5 (going on 15), and Baby Bear (he most likely won’t like this name when he gets older) who is closing in on 4 months. I call them C∧3. These 3 boyz are the center of my world and that is how Young Living found me. 

Little Man was around 6 months old and he and I both needed some immune and respiratory support. thieves oilWe were just starting on this natural thing (finding out about cow milk allergies for Little Man)  and did not want to use anything (chemical) that would compromise the nice flora (gut bacteria) that we were building.  We talked to our chiropractor and he told me about something called Thieves “my wife uses it at our house to support our immune system and we don’t get sick as often”. I told him (rather loudly) “I NEED me some of this Thieves” (having no idea what it was) and he proceeded to tell me I could order it online and my my quest began (do NOT order off a random site: you will pay too much or not get the real Thieves. I will tell you how to get it just keep reading). I went online and paid $50 (this is WAY too much!) for this little, teeny, weeny bottle of Thieves Oil and the Hubbs thought I was insane (honestly, so did I). I didn’t have a diffuser (that’s how the article said to use it) and I wasn’t about to spend another $100+ on a diffuser so I took the Thieves and dumped 1/2 of the 15ml bottle on the humidifier filter (don’t do this) and went to bed. When I awoke during the night, with my Little Man next to me, my lungs were on FIRE! I was not sure if it was a good thing. I picked myself and the babe up and went down all 27 stairs to sleep on the couch, prayed, cried and got away from the “evil oil”. The next morning I can tell you my immune and respiratory and every other system were fully supported! I have been hooked ever since. Thieves is in my top 3 “can’t live without” oils! I put it in my water (careful may be hot!), in the diffuser daily and even spray it on the bottom of Little Man’s feet before he goes out for the day. 

By this time you will either have given up (if you are the grammar police and you can’t take it!) or I can explain, the () is my way of also telling you about the extra thoughts in my head… yes, I talk to myself, yea, I know…

My warm and fuzzies these days, in my non-home life, come from helping others reach their goals! 

Young Living has allowed me to stay home and hang out with my little men during the day, so no “traditional job”for this lady!  I may be seen at coffee shops sharing the Blessing of Young Living Essential Oils and the Business with whomever is ready and will listen. Yes, I get goofy when I’m talking about oils! Shouldn’t everyone use them? Everyone NEEDS them (they just might not know it yet)! A few people have accused me of talking about Essential Oils like I talk about hockey (a pre-child love of my life, that has slowed a little now – so I’ll explain why this is a really big statement). 

So my life has been a pretty crazy ride already. I renovated houses with my Dad (tape and mud extraordinaire and have shingled a few roofs too!) I worked at but not limited to a pizza place, as a telemarketer (not one of my favorite jobs), did a seasonal stint overnights at Target while in college  (that was a crazy time!), inside and outside sales and know way too much about the following: conveyor, rack, ANSI class III, bartering with truck drivers about moving grass in reefers (C.H. Robinson) and Insurance (my License is still current with Herman Insurance Services because they are really good people). Somewhere around age 20, while doing all this, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and IBS (this is a story for another day). If anyone is mapping this out I worked and eventually went back to school, graduating from Metropolitan State University in Minny with a Marketing Degree. I picked this college because they had no hockey team, you see, if I was going to the college it would be a conflict of interest because I officiated Division I and III hockey for over 13 years. I officiate hockey (yes, on ice) and I LOVE it! (see I’m talking goofy already!) I have also worked youth, high school, juniors (yes, the boys that fight), too many men’s, women’s and off-season leagues to count and then somehow on the 13th year of my officiating career earned the assignment of my life: Gold Medal Game in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (yep, that was me, almost like another life, eh? Here is my sad first attempt at the Olympic Blog.). I currently am still involved (as much as I have time for and as much as they will accommodate) serving on boards and volunteering: teaching clinics and camps, mentoring, evaluating and helping others reach their goals (this all totally spills over into the oils and our oily business at Perfect Scents Oils). My warm and fuzzies these days, in my non-home life, come from helping others reach their goals! 


When I started using essential oils, I didn’t have an online resource where I could learn how to use them most effectively other than in person classes and books (with little ones it is hard to find book time right now). My goal is to teach you how to use them in the most effective and safe way possible! 

I’m going to throw it out there: Let me know how I’m doing, how I can improve and what you need from me. I am always up for the constructive feedback! Be aware; if you do tell me you don’t like something, I’m going to ask you how to make it better, be ready, I want to make it better!

That is way more than enough about me! So, if you want to get the support you need from a person that loves to coach, support and teach, join a fantastic community where you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about oils and join me on my oily journey, purchase the product at a discount for personal use or even want to jump into the business of sharing young living essential oils (remember the business is Never, Ever required) we would love to have you join us! It’s going to be an AWESOME ride!!!

Your Oily Coach 


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