How To Create An Account

You are NOT singing your life away. I would never ask family or friends to do that. What I am asking you to do is create a Wholesale Membership, similar to a SAMS club or Costco. But with this membership you will not only receive a 50% off a Premium Starter Kit that has Oils and a Diffuser but you will also receive a lifetime membership, not just a cute plastic card to get in the door. All future orders will be at 24% off Retail, unless you snag one of the insane specials then you will save even more! You may see the words “distributor” but think of yourself as a “member” with this account: 92% of us are ONLY using the account for the discount and personal product use.

This part is VERY IMPORTANT: we will not ever badger you about signing people up and/or doing this as a business, if this does happen, PLEASE contact me ASAP and we will take care of it. If you ever do want to explore Sharing Young Living (coming soon!), we can talk about it, again when YOU are ready, because the opportunity is there. BUT let’s say it again together out loud: “The Business is NOT, Ever, Never, Required to get a Wholesale Membership and take advantage of the 24%-50% discount on products. EVER.”

The last thing was VERY important to ME when I created my Membership: there are never any orders in the future that are required (this is awesome so I can sleep well at night). WHEN you do decide down the road you LOVE your Young Living Essential Oils you can get on the frequent flyer program called Essential Rewards (coming soon!) so you get more FREE product, but no need for this now.

This is where, since you are beyond EXCITED! I show you how to navigate the system and order your totally rockin’ Premium Starter Kit at 50% off!  Click the button below to get started!



Click Here!

Choose Your Membership

Hit that BUTTON! See, we are making it easy! Some of the information is already filled out. We took a guess and thought you may want to get the 24%-50% off, the AWESOME kit and so we hit “Wholesale” for you. If you would rather pay full price go ahead and change it to “Retail”. I double dog dare you!

Get Me some Essential Oils!

Provide Your Contact Information

Enter your information here. All the good stuff, that you put on every, single application you have ever filled out. Except this time you are getting something really, really AWESOME for it! Essential Oils to use with your family! Not insurance or something Bo-Ring like that… And you get to pick a login and password (for logging in on computer) then add a 4-pin (extra security for calling in).

Why do they NEED my Business EIN or SS#? It’s that pesky IRS they require the company giving anyone a wholesale membership and discount on their product to keep it on file (it’s locked down with a golden key that not even you or I will be able to get to after you complete the enrollment process!)

Go take a gander though the legal agreement and all that then check that box and move on to the next page. This is where the FUN begins!

Choose Your Kit

On this page. AHHhhhhhhAHHhhhh… You get to chose your Premium Starter Kit and Diffuser! I know a little overwhelming! If you are on the fence still may I suggest the Premium Starter Kit with the DEWDROP DIFFUSER. If your an all or nothing girl like me (when you know your options…) and all the kits are SPECTACULAR, by the way, but if I could “turn back time” (insert music) I would totally take advantage of the Premium Starter Kit with the ARIA DIFFUSER.

Why ARIA? Take a look at this: wholesale on this baby is $250 (with no oils) BUT if you chose the the Premium Starter Kit with the Aria Diffuser it’s only $10 more! Crazy HU! 11 oils and samples for $10?!? INSANE! Hurry up and grab that ARIA kit before they are out or they come to their senses on the price!

Choose Essential Rewards

This part is totally OPTIONAL. This is that Frequent Flyer Freebie thing I mentioned, Essential Rewards. You can click “No Thanks” and be on your way or take advantage of one of the other super discount packages they offer! More about Essential Rewards Program (coming soon!) but just know the minimum order is 50pv a month and you can change the items each and every month pus with the monthly promos you get extra FREE oils!

There is also an option to add more items if you want to click on that and you some VALOR, gotta get me some VALOR! I’ll do a whole page on VALOR soon I promise!

The Essential Rewards program allows members to accrue points over time which can be used to purchase Young Living Products.

Review and Finalize Order

Next you are going to select your shipping selection. How fast and where you want it to come. Enter your billing information; if you want to do an auto draw from checking account you can do this too, but you will need to call Young Living.

Almost done. This where you double check your information to make sure it’s correct. This is the last time you will see you member number, login, password, 4-pin and SS# (I promise!), so WRITE IT DOWN. Then HIT the “Checkout” button! Make sure you hit the “Checkout” button or your kit will not ever, ever, EVER come to you and you will be stalking that mailman for nothing.

Additional Resources

Finally WAIT for the kit – hardest part EVER! Tick-tock-watch-the-clock! While you are waiting for the Awesomeness of the Essential Oils to come why not hit that button that says “Start Here”. 

Go ahead there is a list to get you started. While you are logged in check out the AMAZING resources for learning about the oils, classes and other recordings that Young Living has here!

Get Me some Essential Oils!

This video shows just how easy it is to get setup with Young Living! Why wait? Click here to get started today!

What diffuser did you chose? What other things did you add to your order, besides VALOR?